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Technology and Social Media have transformed the way we do business. It's never been easier to launch a great product or service. And while a level playing field is great for a healthy marketplace, it's made it that much harder to stand out if your offering is truly special.  What's worse? Your customers are smarter and savvier than ever before! They roll their eyes at traditional marketing. They block generic ads on their web browsers. They scroll past the usual carnival barking in their social media feeds.

Your customers want more from your brand. They crave communication. They demand authenticity.

cut through the noise and make a connection 

Reservoir ,  Beacon NY

Reservoir, Beacon NY


Customers make snap decisions about who you are as a brand based on your presentation. Do you really want to trust that crucial moment of introduction to the smartphone in your pocket? Quality is your greatest brand ambassador.

Juilliard,   NYC

Juilliard, NYC


Nothing works like video when it comes to online engagement. In fact, branded video content has become the hallmark of exciting and authentic interaction with your desired customers. We'll capture the moments that get them talking.

Furlong's Soundness Center,   Oldwick NJ

Furlong's Soundness Center, Oldwick NJ

Original Content Production

Need a little extra help? In addition to à la carte Photography and Cinematography services, Space Minnow offers complete brand campaigns built around you. We'll work with you every step of the way to showcase the story behind your product or service.

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